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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Batting made from recycled bottles??!!

 Have you heard of Quilters Dream Green batting?  If not, you won’t believe that is being made from plastic bottles!  Dream Green batting is soft, cozy, and cuddly and is 100% made from recycled bottles – which is why it has such an unusual green color (there must be a lot of Mt. Dew drinkers out there).  You wouldn’t think anything this soft could come from those stiff plastic bottles, but it is true!

The plastic bottles are washed and cut into chips, then melted and extruded into fine denier poly microfibers.  Other than the color, these fibers are indistinguishable from virgin polyester fibers.  It is wonderful any time we have the opportunity to recycle and reuse plastic, and this use is just amazing.  Each pound of Dream Green rescues 10 bottles that could be added to the landfills.


But why would someone want to use polyester batting?  Dream Green and Dream Poly battings are not the same polyester as you may remember from years ago – the new microfibers mimic the cotton fibers in being breathable, soft and drapeable.  The fibers are so fine that they bend when coming in contact with the fabrics so, like cotton fibers, they also resist bearding.  There is no scrim, glues, or binders that cause resistance to the needle, and the fibers are long enough to provide enough structure for easy machine quilting.


Gidget lounging in the Dream Green fibers before it is processed!
Dream Green and Dream Poly battings are becoming more popular with modern quilters for a number of reasons:
·         The poly fibers do not hold moisture so it washes and dries very quickly in the machine or on the line

·         There is no shrinkage, so the quilt will have the same look after washing a hundred times as it did when it was first quilted

·         Dream Poly and Dream Green do not hold a crease – fold and store the quilt (or ship it to a show) and shake it out flat with no worries of fold lines or wrinkles.

·         The fibers are needle-punched so you get the right amount of loft – not too puffy and just lofty enough to show off the stitches


Give the friendly “Dream Team” at Quilters Dream Batting a call (888-268-8664) or email quiltersdreambatting@juno.com for a free sample square of the Dream Green, and a mini sample of all the lovely battings made by Quilters Dream!  (We’ve stocked up on samples so there are plenty to go around!)

Happy Quilting!

 ~The Dream Team


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