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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mending hearts as a fabric artist

Today in our local newspaper I came across an article about my friend and Quilters Dream customer Jerry Callender . It is a very nice write up which recognizes his talents, creativity and more importantly, compassion. Jerry's skills of repurposing memorabilia has brought numerous smiles to those who are sick or have lost a loved one. I thought I would share it with you but first, how about I let you in on how I know Jerry personally.

I met Jerry Callender about 15 years ago long before I knew what the quilting world was all about. At the time, I worked at a florist shop and he worked at a kitchen store- we were neighbors in the same shopping center. Being the avid gardener I am, Jerry and I soon became quick friends as I found out he was one as well. We would usually gush about our gardens and trade tips and techniques. I remember being in awe of his many creative ideas. He was always coming up with a new project of some sort and I would always say, “Now why didn’t I think of that!!” Eventually we lost touch and not because his ideas were maybe a little bit better than mine. Hahah.  

 I had been working with Quilters Dream Batting for quite some time when one day Jerry walked in! I was very surprised to see him and curious what he was into these days. Well…some things never change because Jerry is the jack of all trades! I hope you enjoy reading the article.
or visit his website: Jerrys Fabric Arts


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