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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quilt Guilds and Quilting Bees

One of the best things about quilting is the quilting guild.  I remember my mother joining together with a group of about a dozen ladies from her church, laughing, praying, and quilting in what, at that time, was called her Quilting Bee.  Sometimes they would meet at the church but often it was held at someone’s house – food was pot luck and the hostess would provide wine, “pop” (I was raised in the North), or other brews, and I would sometimes be present to witness this wonderful group of ladies who quilted love, fun, and laughter into every quilt they made.

The bees in this vintage ad look
like they are having a good ole time! The quilt
reminds me of CandyLand!

At church this past weekend, we had a “ministry fair” where people tried to recruit workers for their particular project.  I work with the senior high youth group so I made up flyers and posters about the youth and the fun events coming up.  As I walked around the ministry fair, I found a signup sheet that said, “Come quilt with us this Saturday to finish a quilt and pray for Rebecca who will be graduating this year.”  I froze, shocked, and tears came to my eyes – Rebecca is my daughter!  While I will be camping out this weekend with Rebecca and other youth from my church, a group of wonderful women will be quilting love and prayers into a quilt made special for her. 

Here at Quilters Dream Batting, we know how important quilt guilds are to the life of quilting.  It is a place of bonding and fellowship, where much more than the love of quilting is shared.  We want to support all quilt guilds, from the hundred member well organized groups to the small gathering of ladies who get together once in a while for fun.
In return, we receive many thank you notes from quilters who are so grateful and appreciative! We love the modern quilt guilds with their eclectic “out of the block” styles and we adore the traditional guilds as well as the informal bees!  We love that ladies (and more gentlemen it would seem) are getting together and keeping this artwork thriving for the next generations to enjoy.


Do you have a special guild or bee that you belong to?  Please let us know about your guild, and we will be thrilled to send free “door prizes” and samples for your next meeting!  Share with us what your guild has been working on and what makes your group special – we would love to hear your stories, and we may even feature your group on our blog!
Email QuiltersDreamBatting@juno.com with your name/guild, phone number, shipping address, date needed by and active member count for your box of goodies (let us know when your next couple meetings so we send them in time!)
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