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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to make a quilted tissue pouch

So Jennifer here is a non stop machine! She just came back from market and made this tutorial on a fun project using Quilters Dream Fusion. The holidays are literally right around the corner and this would be sooooo cute for a stocking stuffer or last minute gift idea!
Supplies you will need:
  • Two (2) pieces of 6” x 8” Coordinating Fabric
  • One (1) piece of 6” x 8” Dream Fusion batting (available in Cotton or Poly)
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron


Place the 6” x 8” piece of Dream Fusion on your ironing board with the fusible side up (we mark the fusible side with a sticker, but you can also tell as the fusible side has a little more texture to it and a shine you can see under a light).

Place one piece of your 6” X 8” piece of fabric wrong side down – so that the backside of your fabric is touching the fusible side of the batting.

This fabric is cotton, so we used the cotton steam setting and then ironed, holding the iron down for a few seconds in all directions while ironing.  If you are using the Poly Select Dream Fusion, you can create this same steam effect by placing a piece of moist muslin on top and using the iron on a lower setting. 
**Helpful Tip**- Using the steam and having the fabric on top of the fusible side of the batting produces the best contact when bonding.  If you want to ensure your iron does not come in contact with the fusible batting, place an applique sheet or piece of parchment paper over the fabric before ironing.

Once the batting and fabric are fused, place your second 6” x 8” piece of fabric right side down on top of the piece of fabric you just fused to the batting.

Pin to your liking.  You will sew a quarter-inch (¼) seam on both short sides of the fabric (on the 6” sides). 

Press the sewn sides to seal the stitches and then turn the fabric inside out so that the right sides of the fabric are facing out. 

  Once you have turned the piece inside out, press the short sides again.

It will look like this when finished.
Now you have a choice. You can keep this the way it is or you can use this as a way to practice your free motion quilting or simply stitch straight lines until the whole piece is quilted.

Once quilted, determine which piece of fabric will be the outside of the tissue holder/handy pouch and have it facing right side up. 

Take both short sides (6” sides) and turn them upwards and meet in the middle of the fabric.  Pin the raw ends to your liking.  Sew the raw ends together using a quarter-inch (¼) seam.  Press to secure stitches.
Clip the corner tips and turn the pouch inside out.  Press seams and you’re done!!!

Use this to hold the little individual packages of tissues or post-it notes or whatever you like.  You can also turn this into a thread catcher to keep beside your sewing machine.

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