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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Aviatrix Medallion QAL: Border three . . . sorta.

This week kicked my butt.

The hardest part of this border was the half snowball block.  There are 80 of them!

Snowball blocks and I have a long, unsuccessful history together.  It took me three days to complete all the blocks for this border and I don't have it all sewn together yet.

I went slow;  Slid the speed control on my machine all the way down and settled in for a long night of sewing.
It. Took. Forever!
Thank goodness for Netflix. I watched the entire first season of Vampire Diaries while making these.

Once the half snowballs were completed the rest of the block components came together fairly quickly.  Sewing all the components together was a breeze.

Didn't even try to get all the points to match up.  Most did on their own; some were a little bit stubborn.

I think the effect is super cool.  Plus signs inside X-marks! Awesome.

I'm going to sew the whole shebang together tonight.  Just in time for next weeks border :)

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