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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Featured #battgirls (December) Living Water Quilter/Geraldine Wilkins

Featured #battgirls (December)
Living Water Quilter/ Geraldine Wilkins

Awhile ago, Geraldine had sent us an email requesting samples of our batting. What we didn't know was how devoted she was to what became a 6 month project to test several Quilters Dream products. 

 "I learned so much with this project. I know I REALLY like Quilters Dream batting selection of quality batts. It swings wide open the creative possibilities for my quilt projects. I have been set free! Free to be creatively expressive at every stage of the project. For years, my creative options stop at batting selection because I only used one batting for every project." 

**Clever Idea Alert**

Geraldine started by quilting each sample then added eyelets to which she placed in a binder for future reference. Read more about her testing process and experience working with Quilters Dream here.

Quilters Dream: What inspired you to start quilting and what inspires you now?

Geraldine: When I moved to Virginia in 2005, I joined my church quilt ministry.  I knew I liked home décor sewing and thought I would try quilting.  I quickly developed an appetite for the creative process of choosing fabric, designing, and piecing quilts.

As my interest in quilting grew, I branched out and joined the local guild, Virginia Star Quilters.  The assortment of talent and years of quilting experience at the guild inspired me then and continues today.

Most recently, the blogging and Instagram quilting community has been an inspiration.  It has expanded my enthusiasm for quilting from local to global.

Free Motion Quilting- Swirling Feathers

With this little number, Geraldine used Dream Poly for the border. In the middle, she used Dream Poly on the bottom and a layer of Dream Puff on the top. Click HERE to read more about this quilt, including Accuquilt Feather Die & Mctavishing!

QD: What is your favorite thing about quilting and/or being part of the quilting industry? 

G: Primarily, I enjoy the creative process.  There is always a new creative adventure ahead! Overall, my experience with the quilting industry has been amazing.  Thread, fabric, and batting suppliers work hard at keeping quilters happy with innovative products that respond to our creative needs. 

Go! Hunter Star.

Geraldine used Accuquilt's Hunter Star BOB die for this project. She enjoyed how fun and versatile it was to work with.  In this quilt she chose the Dream Poly. 

"I am enjoying the quilting experience and results of Dream Poly select.  Currently, my quilting emphasis has been home décor projects, art quilts, and wall hanging all with a heavy dose of free motion quilting.  I love drape, weight and consistent quilting texture of Poly select for these projects." 

Geraldine continued to explore her options with color combinations and batting, opting for a more traditional look with these gorgeous wall hangings. Again, she found success with a layer of Dream Poly on the bottom and Dream Puff on the top making these wall hangings POP with her quilting!

QD: We have to say, quilters are incredibly generous and provide such tremendous support for one and other. Can you elaborate on any special connections or friendships you have gained through quilting.

G: For the last six years, I have participated in quilting a retreat at the Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center in Williamsburg, VA.  Women from as far as Alaska, New York, and Canada, participate in the retreat.  Year after year, the bond that started with a common interest continues to grow into a love for one another.  We support one another in quilting and in the challenges of life.  Quilters tend to be generous, encouraging, caring, and supportive.
The size of the quilting community on Instagram is surprising.  I enjoy connecting with quilters around the world, with photos and quilt swaps.  It was through Instagram that I learned of and joined a new modern quilt guild in my area.

Keep up with Living Water Quilter/Geraldine Wilkins for more interesting techniques and projects!


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We hope you enjoyed reading about our December #battgirls and feel inspired to try some of their work. We will even send you some 10 X 10 size samples of your batting choice for you to play with. Just give us a shout! Until then, we are always on the hunt for the next Featured #battgirls....will it be you?

Happy Holidays!
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  1. Geraldine's work is beautiful! I'm so impressed, and encouraged, to see what she's able to accomplish on a domestic sewing machine. Can't wait to try some QD Puff for myself!