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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sweet Dream 100% Cotton Stuffing: The natural choice for your craft project!

Sweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing is our 100% Cotton stuffing, a natural stuffing to be used instead of poly-fill for your crafty needs.  Sweet Dreams is pure raw cotton, no poly, no fillers. It is unbleached with minimal processing (you can even see remains of the cotton seeds in it!) resulting in the softest cotton stuffing.  Sweet Dreams is available in rolls that can be used like a sheet of batting (see below) or torn and shredded and stuffed into pincushions, knitted stuffies or floor poufs .  

Sheet of Sweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing (left). Fluffed Sweet Dreams Stuffing (right).

Sweet Dreams Stuffing can be used for an assortment of crafting projects.

Office #battgirl Gina, the talent and brains behind Gypsy Melange Jewelry, asked for a few display pillows for her bracelets.  


Gina's bracelet display with Sweet Dream pillows.  Check her out on Instagram @gypsymelange.

I chose to make a new oven mitt.

I traced the old mitt, used one thick layer of Sweet Dreams for each side.  Sewed right sides together and turned the mitt right side out.  The seams are quite thick with all the stuffing, I suggest using a leather needle and sewing slowly.  I hand stitched on the binding at the cuff of the mitt.  Have to say, while turning the mitt right side out, my hand was sweating.  This oven mitt is warm! 

Sweet Dreams can also be used for pincushions.

Pincushion made with Sweet Dreams Stuffing from one of our customers.  How cute!

Share with us your ideas or projects using Sweet Dreams. We'd love to see your creativity! If you'd like a complimentary sample, please contact us at quiltersdreambatting@juno.com.

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  1. Thank you! I was on Pinterest yesterday, and guess who I saw on my feed.....The Quilt Ninja! One of the ladies I follow pinned your One Block Wonder Tutorials. Your crafty famous :) - Erin