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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Featured #battgirls (June) Emily Hull

Featured #battgirls (June 2015)
Emily Hull

I've been quilting for a few years.  This is the first time I've used Quilters Dream Batting.  This is Quilters Dream Wool. 

 Since this quilt is for my bed I want warmth, a little loft for the cuddly feeling (and to show quilting definition) but without the weight of higher loft cotton batting.  Wow.  I live in an apartment and so have to be creative with basting (done in sections in a table) and quilting space.

Unlike other battings I've tried, the Quilters Dream Wool did not stretch, distort or shred while in the basting/quilting process.  In the past I've had difficulty with higher loft cotton battings being very heavy and therefore feeding unevenly in the quilting process.  I'm almost done with my stitch in the ditch for this and its been a dream.  Just floats under the needle light as air.  It really is a quilters dream.  I'm so glad I picked this batting and I'll definitely use it again.

This quilt features piecing, applique and reverse applique.  Its reclaimed cotton (from old garments or leftovers from other quilt projects) on the front and flannel on the back.  Some of the designs are from "48 hour appliqué quilts" and some are my own.  

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