Monday, September 13, 2021

Anita Goodesign - Hopes & Dreams Sponsor 2021-2022

We would like to welcome our newest Hopes & Dreams Sponsor: Anita Goodesign! Thank you for helping Hopes & Dreams in finding a cure for ALS - one quilt at a time!

Anita Goodesign is proud to be a participant in the 13th annual Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS! We are passionate about community, and feel our employees and customers are part of one giant family; so we are compelled to support worthy causes such as this one.

Our company roots trace back to 1994 when our founder Stephen Wilson taught himself graphic design and machine embroidery. One thing led to another, and he began digitizing - which is the creation of designs to be machine embroidered. Stephen went on to found Anita Goodesign in 2004.

More than fifteen years later, Anita Goodesign is the industry leader with embroidery designs and education. We employ a team of in-house artists, digitizers, graphic designers, embroiderers, and more! We host virtual and in-person events across the country, and take pride in teaching customers how to create our beautiful designs and works of art through quilting and embroidery. Whether it’s baby-themed, quilting, petlovers, traditional hand embroidery style, or in the hoop projects; Anita Goodesign always strives to have something for everyone.

The creation of each design involves multiple teams within the building, and we all work together on a daily basis. Every collection starts with original artwork carefully created by our team of artists. Once the art is approved, the design moves to the digitizing team who creates a digital file in a format for embroidery machines. All of our digitizing is done by hand, to make sure that each stitch is created with purpose and precision. Next, the design moves to our creative team where fabrics and threads are selected and the design gets stitched out and tested for quality and ease of use. After that, it moves to the graphics department who scans and photographs each design in detail. Tutorials are then created in house to ensure customers can easily use everything we design. After final reviews, the process is complete and the collection is
ready to go!

Hopes & Dreams prize donation from Anita Goodesign - 12 month magazine subscription. 

Even though our product and education output is large, we are still considered a family-owned small business, and take great pride in our craft. Everything our team produces is manufactured start to finish in our Charlotte, NC facility. We’d love to have you join us on our design journey by checking out our website and following us on social media!

Friday, September 3, 2021

2020-2021 Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge Winners

Thank to every who participated in the 2020-2021 Hopes & Dream Quilt Challenge year! We received over 1250 quilts and quilted items that will be given to patients living with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or to raise money with 100% of the proceeds being used to fund research toward a cure for this terrible disease.

Sew Popular Finalist 

Maryrose Spriggs         Sue Parks              Susan Kavicky          Barbara Hutton         Ruth Ann Eidson
Ruthie Hoover         Celia Stratman        Dianne Gilbert             Bonnie Rae              Elaine Breiner

Sew Popular Winners!

First Place - Dianne Gilbert 

 Second Place - Ruth Ann Eidson               Third Place - Elaine Breiner         

Congratulations to our other category winners!


Friday, August 27, 2021

BJ Designs and Patterns - Hopes & Dreams Sponsor

We are very thankful for our newest Grand Sponsors this year BJ Designs & Patterns! They create fun and happy quilts using colorful, bright, and whimsical fabrics. The original patterns produced by BJ Designs & Patterns are fat quarter friendly and are great for teaching classes! Thank you for helping Hopes & Dreams in finding a cure for ALS - one quilt at a time!


"Our company, BJ Designs and Patterns, is a very small company just my husband and I and we’ve been in business about 15 years.   I design the whimsical patterns, make the quilts, and write the patterns and he does the “go-fer” work.  Our website is:"  

"I’ve included a photo of my latest pattern Estellebut you will find many more patterns on our website."

"I’m currently working on a charity quilt that I hope to finish before the cold weather sets in and donate it to a homeless shelter."

"My father suffered from ALS for four years before he passed away at age 65.  He had been such a strong man prior to the illness and his suffering as well as that of my mother who cared for him is just one of many tragic stories of ALS sufferers." 

"We hope our donation will help in the research for a cure for this horrible illness."

Barbara and Steve Jones