Monday, March 26, 2012

Ode To a Quilter's Husband

The husband of this quilter is a very special, patient guy—
Who doesn’t complain about how much fabric his wife may buy.

Through the years he’s picked up a lot of quilting lore—
Because on this subject his wife can get to be quite a bore.

He’s learned better than to throw away any old odd shaped scrap—
Because it’s likely that’s the one she’ll need to fill her design gap.

He know if he enters the quilting room his feet will get pins in—
And he’s learned there’s not just red, but brick, rust, scarlet and crimson.

He knows how she snorts when she sees an ordinary bedspread—
Cuz in HER house there’s only personally designed quilts instead.

He knows when she meets another quilter there’ll be fast and furious talkin’—
And at a quilt show there’ll be lots of scribbling and gawkin’.

He thinks of quilt-mania as a kind of creative affliction—
That can only be controlled by regular doses of stitchin’.

He knows she quilts for enjoyment, not for money,
Cuz she does quilts that are traditional, modern and some just plain funny!

And though all my cutting, designing, sewing and quilting through the years—
He’s always been interested, supportive, patient, and very, very dear.

Happy Quilting!

 ~The Dream Team

Thursday, March 15, 2012

~Things I learned from my first quilt~

·    Save time and energy by just going to the quilt shop to get the quality fabric and supplies you want.  They are far more knowledgeable, helpful, and friendlier than discount stores, with better quality supplies, to boot (including Quilters Dream Batting, which is not sold in discount stores). They even gave me snacks while we visited- thank you Sarah’s Thimble!

·     If you have young children, you may need a locked safe to keep all your fabric pieces out of their hands.

·    Don’t even bother putting away the ironing board.

·    Buy three times as many pins as you think you will need, and there is a slight possibility that you will have enough.

·    Don’t leave the half pinned quilt on the dining room table with a cat in the house or it stands a good chance of getting a furball left on it.

·    If you tell a three year old to keep his snacks away from the half finished quilt, it will end up with a piece of American cheese stuck to it.

·    When free motion quilting words (thank you La Pierre Studio and their Free Motion Slider), write dark enough to be able to easily follow or the word “Faith” may end up saying “Faih.” 

·    Buy twice as much thread as you think you will need, and you may have enough

·    Don’t leave the binding to finish the day before it needs to be done, or you may just have to bind while suffering from strep throat.

·    The big hug and sincere “Thank you – I will keep it forever” you get when giving the quilt to a college bound graduate is well worth the effort!

      ~Quilted & written by Jane~