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Quilters Dream Batting, founded in 1995, has always been committed to quality, service and innovation. We use only the highest grade of fibers and the best processing technology to bring our customers the finest batting possible. Quilters Dream Batting products are proudly made in the USA.

From the very beginning, Quilters Dream decided to produce high-quality products and nothing less. We introduced Quilters Dream Cotton at Charlotte Quilt Spring Market in the mid-1990’s, a new type of high quality 100% cotton batting unlike any other. The response from shop owners, professional quilters, and teachers was incredible!   We found the quilters were waiting for this quality and we attribute our growth to word-of-mouth.

When we arrived at Charlotte the name of our 100% cotton batting was “Quilters Cotton, but inspired by a well-known teacher and hand quilter who swooned, “This just quilts like a dream,” we soon changed the name to Quilters Dream Batting and added our tag line, “Quilts Like a Dream!”

Quilters Dream Poly was introduced at the Houston Quilt Market in October, 1999, followed in turn by all of our other battings. We now proudly carry 10 different battings to suit all of our customers’ batting needs:

  • Quilters Dream Cotton – 100% cotton batting with no scrim, glues, or binders
  • Quilters Dream Poly – wonderful soft denier microfibers. You won’t believe it is polyester!
  • Quilters Dream Angel – heavenly batting made 100% from flame retardant fibers
  • Dream Blend for Machines – 70% cotton and 30% poly microfibers needle punched through an ultralight scrim base
  • Quilters Dream Wool – shearly beautiful soft and luxurious wool batting
  • Quilters Dream Puff – light as a feather, yet warmer than down with 1/3-1/2” of loft
  • Quilters Dream Green – wonderful polyester batting made 100% from recycled plastic bottles
  • Quilters Dream Orient – luxurious blend of silk, bamboo, cotton, and Tencel
  • Quilters Dream 80/20 – beautiful blend of 80% cotton and 20% fine denier polyester
  • Quilters Dream Fusible 80/20 – soft, smooth, & consistent; a unique approach to fusible batting

All of the Quilters Dream Battings are proudly made in the USA, and each batting is hand cut and hand inspected to insure superb quality is consistency. Quilters Dream does not sell to big box chain stores and always encourage our customers to support their locally owned quilt shop or quilting business! With the wide variety of lofts, fibers, colors & sizes available, you can trust us to provide the perfect type of batting for your quilted treasure!

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  1. Can you tell me if you will have a booth at the Quilt Craft and Sewing Festival in Puyallup Washington on November 14, 15 and 16? If not, do you know if there will be vendors there with your products?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Unfortunately, we are not attending the festival in Puyallup, WA. We attend two shows a year, International Quilt Market in the fall and spring.

    I did a quick search on the RustyBarn site (http://rustybarn.com/2013-puyallup-booth.pdf) and see Pacific Fabrics & Crafts and Bear Paw Quilts have booths. Both are customers of ours:

    Pacific Fabrics & Crafts (206)628-6222)
    Bear Paw Quilts (306)791-1659

    Have fun at the festival!

    Quilters Dream Batting

  3. How can I find out about buying wholesale?

  4. Can you tell me if any of your products are free of fire retardants?

    1. Thank you for your interest in Quilters Dream Batting. The only batting that we have available that is flame retardant is the Dream Angel; the rest are not. The Dream Angel is made from fibers that are inherently flame retardant with no bromides or other chemicals.

      Thank you for choosing Quilters Dream Batting. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  5. I"m using Dream Blend 70/30 for the first time, can you tell me which side goes against the top (right side up)

  6. I"m using Dream Blend 70/30 for the first time, can you tell me which side goes against the top (right side up)

  7. I only use quilters dream cotton it is by far the best, I recommend it to all my customers as well. Thanks for making such a great product Karen Grace

  8. I am trying to decide on a batting to use in a very lightweight summer quilt. It will be used on our bed. Wool is out. I am considering silk but am open to whatever possibility will be the least warm. Any ideas? Thanks.