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Featured #battgirls (November) Redbird Quilt Co./Karen Miller

Featured #battgirls (November)
Redbird Quilt Co./ Karen Miller

Karen Miller, owner of Redbird Quilt Co. in New York, has a serious love for wool and cotton applique quilts. In this #batttgirls blog, Karen shares her experience with using Quilters Dream Wool for the very first time.  
Hi Quilters Dream! Thanks for such a fantastic way to share our projects with you.
I am a brand new customer of Quilters Dream Batting and I'm writing to say that I am completely thrilled with the quilting results and definition using Quilters Dream Wool on my most recent project, Feathered Garden Lattice.

I was invited to create a quilt for a new book release Blog Hop and was a bit dissatisfied with the wool batting I've been using for some time.   I decided it was time for a change.

So I purchased Dream Wool from a friend and longarm quilter who uses it regularly, (Cindy at and I'm happy I did.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), I could tell that the quality of the Quilters Dream Wool was superior to the brand I had been using.  The wool was uniform and did not contain overlapping sections that would throw off the consistency of the quilting.  I was doing a happy dance!

I especially loved the way it quilted on my domestic machine.  It wasn't heavy to maneuver and the needle went through it like butter - really!! 

My quilting style normally includes dense quilting around an applique or focal print and the Dream Wool worked perfectly to make the focal point POP.

Also, for the first time I quilted feathers on several borders of this quilt and the Dream Wool gave them the texture and definition that I DREAM about (ha ha ha).  Seriously -- I love the way this quilt finished and batting plays such a large role in that. 

Thanks for such an awesome product - Dream Wool is now my best friend.  I can't wait to try out Dream Cotton (you have various lofts of cotton?? WOW!).

Thanks again for an awesome product.
Karen L. Miller


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