Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mending hearts as a fabric artist

Today in our local newspaper I came across an article about my friend and Quilters Dream customer Jerry Callender . It is a very nice write up which recognizes his talents, creativity and more importantly, compassion. Jerry's skills of repurposing memorabilia has brought numerous smiles to those who are sick or have lost a loved one. I thought I would share it with you but first, how about I let you in on how I know Jerry personally.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Quilt Guilds and Quilting Bees

One of the best things about quilting is the quilting guild.  I remember my mother joining together with a group of about a dozen ladies from her church, laughing, praying, and quilting in what, at that time, was called her Quilting Bee.  Sometimes they would meet at the church but often it was held at someone’s house – food was pot luck and the hostess would provide wine, “pop” (I was raised in the North), or other brews, and I would sometimes be present to witness this wonderful group of ladies who quilted love, fun, and laughter into every quilt they made.

The bees in this vintage ad look
like they are having a good ole time! The quilt
reminds me of CandyLand!

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