Monday, June 17, 2019


In our home town of Virginia Beach, 12 people were recently killed and four injured in a mass shooting. In times like these, people from all over the world are looking for ways to help. Members of the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild are using their talents to help comfort the victims of the Virginia Beach mass shooting.

The goal was to create 16 quilts for the victims and their families. A total of 480 Plus Blocks would be needed to construct the quilts. The guild sought help from local quilters and social media with the hashtag #VBStrongQuilts. Mary Menzer of the VB Modern Quilt Guild collaborated with Quilters Dream Batting to provide batting for #VBStrongQuilts. She invited us to attend the next guild meeting to lend a hand in sewing quilt blocks, to help in this worthy cause. 

Saturday, June 15, the ladies of the guild came together at St. Johns Baptist Church to start assembling the quilts. This lively group of gals were so welcoming and already hard at work by the time I arrived. 

The meeting was started with "Show and Tell" to catch everyone up on what the members had been working on. 

The meeting moved on to a game called "Left, Right, Center". All the members brought in pre-cut quilt scraps and they were passed around during this game. 

Using three strips of fabric you roll the dice; when you roll a "L" you pass one strip to the left, "R" you pass one to the right, "⚫" you keep you fabric, and "C" you place the strip in the center of the table. 

Following the game a raffle was held, Quilters Dream Batting provided a variety of batting in throw sizes to give out as door prizes. My number was the first to be drawn (I promise it was not rigged!) I won a VBMQG insulated cup! 

All of the ladies, including myself had a wonderful time, but we all had a reason for meeting that day. The victims affected by this senseless tragedy lay heavily on our hearts, so we got to work. The quilters hope their efforts will remind the families of our community's love and comfort every time they look at their quilt. 

"It’s a multitude of emotions," Menzer said. "Obviously, we feel sadness that this happened in our city. We feel sad for the families of the victims and the people that were injured."

Thanks to everyone who mailed in quilt blocks and sewed at the meeting. Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild met their goal with 16 quilt tops sewn!

The quilts don't stop here, as there are more to complete! If you’d like to contribute to the Virginia Beach Modern Quilt Guild and sew more quilt blocks or to find out more ways to get involved click here.

"There are so many people that want to show they care, and this is how we quilters do it." ~Mary Menzer

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Featured Battgirl // Vicki Hodge

I recently published 'Button Box Quilts' with Quiltmania Editions, a book of two-sided quilts.  The quilts were exhibited last month in the Pour l'Amour du Fil quilt show in Nantes, France. 

During the show I demonstrated the fluidity of the quilt, despite the weight of two tops and dense quilting, by waving the quilt from a bottom corner.  The lightness of the finished piece surprised even me.  The limber quality of the piece is due to my choice of quilt batt - Quilter's Dream Request.

I use Quilters Dream  Request in all my quilts for multiple reasons.  I appreciate the 100% cotton construction and batt thickness which produces a flat quilt reminiscent of antique quilts.  The cotton batt is excellent for both machine and hand quilting - I love the opportunity to use batt remnants in hand quilting doll and crib quilts (notice the Baptist Fan hand quilting underway in the picture of the book).

I've used this batt for many years and will continue for many more - consistent, excellent quality.

Vicki Hodge

If you would like to be featured on our blog and share your project, click here for more info. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

2019 Quilt Challenge Categories

There is only 79 days left of the 2018-2019 Quilt Challenge! It is not too late to enter your quilts for this year! July 31st 2019 is the last day of this year's Quilt Challenge, quilts we receive after July 31st will be entered into 2019-2020 Quilt Challenge. 

Inside of every package of Quilters Dream Batting, there is a Hopes and Dreams brochure. There you can find an entry form to enter your quilt in the Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS (Click here for a printable version).

When entering a quilt to Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge, there are five categories to chose from: 

Sew Generous Individual

The individual who donates the most quilts during the challenge year (August 1, 2018 - July 31, 2019) will win over $1,000 worth of wonderful prizes from our sponsors, as well as Quilters Dream Batting. 2nd place will receive $750 in prizes; 3rd place will receive $500 in prizes!

Sew Generous Professional

The Professional Quilter, Longarm Quilter and/or Quilt Teacher donating the most quilts during the challenge year will win Quilters Dream Batting and other great items from our wonderful sponsors totaling over $1,000; 2nd place will receive $750 in prizes; 3rd place will receive $500 in prizes!

Sew Generous Quilt Guild

The Quilt Guild donating the most quilts during the challenge year will win Quilters Dream Batting and other great items from our wonderful sponsors totaling over $1,000; 2nd place will receive $750 in prizes; 3rd place will receive $500 in prizes!

Sew Generous Quilt Shop

The Quilt Shop donating the most quilts during the challenge year will win Quilters Dream Batting and other great items from our wonderful sponsors totaling over $1,250; 2nd place will receive $750 in prizes; 3rd place will receive $500 in prizes!

Sew Creative

Fabric postcards, handbags and accessories, miniature quilts, mug rugs, paintings, placemats, tablerunners, table toppers, wall quilts, watercolors and more. These items will be sold to raise funds for ALS Research. All donations will be entered into a drawing to win Quilters Dream Batting and other prizes valued at $100.

We still need quilts and that is our priority - to warm the life, heart and lap of an ALS patient. However, many people want to help in a way that allows them to use their creative talents and this category welcomes your participation knowing 100% of any profits from the sale of your donations goes to ALS Research.

Everyone who enters a quilt to the Quilt Challenge will also be entered into the "Sew Lovely" and the "Sew Popular" categories:

Sew Lovely

All generous quilters who donate a quilt will be entered into a general drawing to win great prizes from our fabulous sponsors, such as; fabric, books, patterns, notions, and Quilters Dream Batting totaling $500. There will be three winners in the "Sew Lovely" category. 

Sew Popular

At the end of the challenge year, the top quilts are posted on our website and voted on. The quilters who have the most votes will receive Quilters Dream Batting and other great prizes donated by our generous sponsors; 1st place prizes valued at $1250, 2nd place valued at $750, 3rd place valued at $500. Top finalist will also receive $200 worth in prizes.

Friday, May 10, 2019

What your quilt means to an ALS patient.

After each challenge year for Hopes & Dreams, we create a book for all our sponsors who donated prizes. In this book we include a section of thank you notes and responses from ALS patients that received YOUR quilts. We thought you all might enjoy to see what they have said and feel the love with us! 

Here's a few excerpts from our book from last year. 

And that right there folks is the reason we continue the Hopes & Dreams challenge. The reason we hope you all will continue to donate quilts for these patients. The reason we sell select quilts you have donated. 

This year's challenge ends July 31st 2019. You still have time to send in quilts and make a difference. 

Get your entry form here. Or shop for quilts on our Etsy shop.

Thanks for helping us find a cure! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Shannon Fabrics Supports the Hopes & Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS

Hello everyone! It’s Jayme, Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador — aka “Finding Sweet Land” in the quilting community. I finished another project — it’s a pretty minky strip quilt, similar to ones we make to help support the Quilters Dream Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS. If you aren’t already familiar, this program helps raise awareness of ALS-Lou Gehrig’s Disease, and provides quilts to ALS patients while raising funds for the cause. We couldn’t be more honored to be part of such a great cause!

Speaking of quilts, here at Shannon Fabrics we love Quilters Dream Batting. In fact, almost all the quilts created by Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassadors are made with Quilters Dream Batting. We especially love the Quilters Dream Puff and Quilters Dream Angel since they are both light and lofty, and don’t add extra weight. They are easy to work with, soft, warm and they make our quilts especially fluffy! We also like Quilters Dream Request Dream Poly, since it’s a bit thinner and doesn’t add extra bulk. We made this cute minky quilt with Quilters Dream Request Dream Poly, which has their thinnest loft.

    This quilt was made using the sew and flip technique, and we used these fabrics:

    We are so thrilled with how it turned out! To read more about the quilt (and how to make it yourself), click here.

    You can find Shannon Fabrics at many local quilt shops and fabric stores. You can also use the Store Locator to find online shops and brick-and-mortar stores near you.

    To stay up-to-date on what’s happening with Shannon Fabrics, subscribe to their newsletter and follow their blog. And, to find out more about the Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS, and how you can help, click here.

    Happy hugs!