Friday, December 20, 2019

2019 Quilters Dream Christmas Party

Every year right before Christmas, the staff here at Quilters Dream gathers together for a fun and festive holiday lunch. We grind all year long to make sure our customer's needs are met so this is a special day that each and every employee here looks forward to! 

This year we celebrated at the swanky Le Yaca restaurant in Virginia Beach which serves a delish French style cuisine. 

Happy and Hungry!! 

What's a Christmas party without games and gifts?? Not ours. That's for sure! The first game we played was the left right story game. One person reads the story out loud- in this case it was office gal Jennifer with her confident and boisterous voice we love! Any time throughout the story she read the words left or right you had to pass your gift. The shuffling of gifts and trying to concentrate was absolutely hilarious! After the story was done- you got to keep the gift you ended up with.  

The second game we played is a favorite! The saran wrap ball. Each ball is filled with fun little treats with the main prize in the center. When it's your turn, you try to unwrap as much as you can keeping whatever falls out along the way. Meanwhile, the player next to you is rolling dice trying to get doubles to take the ball from you. You'd be surprised how quickly you can roll doubles! With the amount of excitement and infectious laughter this game brought, we were lucky to have a private room!

In between the fun we dined on savory dishes and heavenly sweet desserts! And bread....lots and lots of bread.

 Viewer discretion advised. May cause EXTREME hunger pangs. 

To burn off those calories we opened more gifts and did a raffle each scoring some pretty awesome goodies! 


And last but not least we shared our appreciation for Quilters Dream president, Kathy with a lovely gift basket. 

May your holidays be filled with moments of fun and laughter with the ones you love!

From the staff at Quilters Dream Batting,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. What?! No gifts of quilt batts?! What kind of party is that?! :-) Really looks like a fun time for all of you. So many employees! Most of us have no idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Thanks for giving us such a great product for quiltmaking! Happy holidays to all of you!

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