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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Featured #battgirls (January) If These Threads Could Talk/ Jackie O'Brien

Featured #battgirls (January)
 If These Threads Could Talk/ Jackie O'Brien

If you read our last blog, you'll know that Jackie O'Brien used to work with us at Quilters Dream. She took her quilting talents and spunk with her when she moved from Virginia to New York. 

Known as the "Quilt Ninja", Jackie has made over 200 quilts since her first in 2004. She has also quilted over 50 One Block Wonders and is proud to be a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor.

 "I love taking something that has no form and giving it form. There is something about making a quilt that makes me feel as though I’ve created something special."

Jackie's statement rings true to us in the office as well. Knowing how much Neva loves Wizard Of Oz, Jackie surprised her with this adorable tote....just because! Neva loved that she added a famous line from the movie in embroidered letters too. 

 If you ask Jackie what her favorite Quilters Dream Batting product is, she will tell you...

"I’m a cotton girl so I would say my go to is Dream Select.  But if it is a special quilt I absolutely love, I'll use Dream Orient. It is so soft the quilt just drapes in your arms."

Read on to check out some of her amazing work. You can also click each title to read in more detail about each quilt on her blog!

The new year looks busy for Jackie. Waiting for a new frame for her quilt machine, she already has 7 quilt tops lined up to finish. 

Keep Up with If These Threads Could Talk/ Jackie O'Brien:

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Featured Quilt Shop: Sew Nice in Norwich, NY

Located in Norwich, NY, sits a fabulous quilt shop owned by Diane Marvin which she opened in June 2005. Jackie O'Brien, a former Quilters Dream employee (we miss you) recently moved to New York. She was sweet enough to stop by Sew Nice and ask Diane a few questions for us. We're pretty sure she got her shop on while she was there too- who wouldn't?

Diane’s career was in education. Her mother was a career woman that made her own stylish suits to wear to work.  Diane had no interest in sewing until she made her first quilt around 2000 – it was love at first stitch!

 Diane holding up her almost finished quilt top “Northern Neighbors”.
The quilters that gather at Sew Nice refer to it as their “Quilting Playhouse” and as a “Cheers” for quilters. Quilters lovingly refer to Diane as “The Pusher”, (quilt pusher that is). You go to see Diane at Sew Nice to get your quilt fix!  Diane gently pushes you to always keep learning and try new quilting techniques.

Diane is a Studio 180 Design certified instructor. As is Donna Hanley who also teaches there. 

Sew Nice is a “Certified Bernina Classroom Shop”.  They carry fabric lines from Moda, P&B, Marcus, Benartex, Timeless treasures, Kona, the list goes on.  I love that they have a whole aisle devoted to polka dot fabric.

Sew Nice offers a 24 seat classroom.  And if that is not enough, they also offer general sewing machine repair and maintenance.

Sew Nice only sells Quilters Dream Batting (QDB). When I asked why, Diane said:

     * It’s made in the USA
     * NO other batting can compare with QDB quality.
     *There is no minimum order.
     *Diane’s favorite is Dream Wool!
     *And last but not least “QDB Customer Service!" Diane could not    praise their customer service enough. She feels QDB is one of the    best companies she has dealt with. 

If you live in the area and are looking for a quilt home you will be so welcomed at “Sew Nice” because they are so nice!

Sew Nice 
6142 State Hwy 12 
Norwich, NY 13815
(607) 334-2477

Like Sew Nice on Facebook, Click HERE!

Thank you again Jackie for thinking of us and supporting your local quilt shop! 

Stay tuned for more about Jackie O'Brien in our upcoming Featured #battgirls January blog!  

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quilters Dream Angel Batting: A baby quilt for Ivanka.

I made this baby quilt for Ivanka, she works in our warehouse, mainly handling international orders. She has worked with us for 12 years! And in those 12 years shes never been gifted a quilt :(

She is expecting her first grandchild early in the New Year... what a perfect reason to whip her up a quilt!  I had a bunch of baby fabric from scrap packs I purchased from Hawthorne Threads. Their scrap packs are incredible!  They usually send about a 1/4 yd of end of bolt current fabric.  Hawthorne has such a great selection on modern fabrics.  I came up with a nautical theme for her grandson to be. Added in Carolyn Friedlander Widescreen in Crosshatch White for the background.

Nautical scraps.  Orange chevron fabric for contrast.

Atkinson Designs Texas Two Step blocks.

I went with Atkinson Designs Texas Two Step  for the pattern.  I love this pattern! Includes all sizes from Baby - King and is sews up quickly.  From start to finish ... cutting, ironing, layout, sewing, quilting and binding - exactly 12 hours - not too shabby.

Texas Two Step layout.
One day, I will have a design wall.  For now, I use the floor... or the bed :)

I chose our Dream Angel Flame Retardant batting in Select Mid loft.  I have never worked with our Angel Batting before.  I'm pretty much just a cotton or poly girl.  I was blown away by the Dream Angel! It has very smooth, almost silky hand.  Check out the picture below.

Dream Angel is made of fibers that are specially engineered to be flame retardant.  The fibers are inherently flame retardant with no chemical additives and no PBDEs;  And because the flame retardancy is extruded into the fibers, not sprayed or added on to the surface, you can wash your quilt as needed without degrading the flame retardant quality of the fibers.  

Dream Angel has been tested by an independent laboratory and meets both international standards and the NEW DRAFT CAL 604. 

To pass the Cal 604 draft - a quilt sandwich was made using cotton fabric and one layer of Dream Angel batting.  The sandwich was laid on and elevated screen.  The top layer of cotton fabric was set on fire.   To pass the CAL 604 Draft the Dream Angel had to act as a flame barrier - to which it performed beautifully!   The bottom layer of cotton fabric used in the tests were not burned and did not catch fire!

Dream Angel Select Loft.

Which backing.
These were the contenders for the backing: Shannon Fabrics Cuddle Dimple in Beige, Angela Walters Textures fabric in Crosshatch Silver, or unknown stashed flannel.  I really wanted to use up the flannel, but the color was all wrong and I just didn't have enough.  Went with the Cuddle Dimple. The contrast of the beige backing on a mostly white quilt worked perfectly.

I quilted two rows of simple straight lines to outline the blocks. 

Stitch in the ditch Acu-feed Walking foot.

Machine sewed scrappy binding (time constants!)

Share with us your experience with Quilters Dream Angel,  we'd love to here from you! If you'd like a complimentary sample of Quilters Dream Angel, please contact us at quiltersdreambatting@juno.com or toll free 1-888-268-8664.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sweet Dream 100% Cotton Stuffing: The natural choice for your craft project!

Sweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing is our 100% Cotton stuffing, a natural stuffing to be used instead of poly-fill for your crafty needs.  Sweet Dreams is pure raw cotton, no poly, no fillers. It is unbleached with minimal processing (you can even see remains of the cotton seeds in it!) resulting in the softest cotton stuffing.  Sweet Dreams is available in rolls that can be used like a sheet of batting (see below) or torn and shredded and stuffed into pincushions, knitted stuffies or floor poufs .  

Sheet of Sweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing (left). Fluffed Sweet Dreams Stuffing (right).

Sweet Dreams Stuffing can be used for an assortment of crafting projects.

Office #battgirl Gina, the talent and brains behind Gypsy Melange Jewelry, asked for a few display pillows for her bracelets.  


Gina's bracelet display with Sweet Dream pillows.  Check her out on Instagram @gypsymelange.

I chose to make a new oven mitt.

I traced the old mitt, used one thick layer of Sweet Dreams for each side.  Sewed right sides together and turned the mitt right side out.  The seams are quite thick with all the stuffing, I suggest using a leather needle and sewing slowly.  I hand stitched on the binding at the cuff of the mitt.  Have to say, while turning the mitt right side out, my hand was sweating.  This oven mitt is warm! 

Sweet Dreams can also be used for pincushions.

Pincushion made with Sweet Dreams Stuffing from one of our customers.  How cute!

Share with us your ideas or projects using Sweet Dreams. We'd love to see your creativity! If you'd like a complimentary sample, please contact us at quiltersdreambatting@juno.com.

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