Friday, January 4, 2019

Quilters Dream Batting welcomes three new Battgirls to our Dream Team!

Happy New Year to all of our Dear Friends & Customers!

This year has been exciting for Quilters Dream Batting, as we welcome three new customer service representatives to our Dream Team!  So when you call, you may reach our newest #battgirls! 

We are delighted to introduce you to Cheryl, Erin, and Jennifer!

Cheryl Gerhart

I have worked for Quilters Dream Batting since April 2018. I work in Customer Service and am also the coordinator for our Hopes and Dreams Quilts for ALS, so I get first look at all the awesome quilts that people donate. I inventory the quilts as they come in and either send them to different ALS chapters around the U.S. to be given to patients or sell them at local crafts fairs to raise money for ALS Research.

When I am not having the gift of gab on the phone with Quilters Dream Batting customers, I am spending time with my beautiful chestnut quarter horse, Big Mama. She is the love of my life and likes to spend all my money. My other animal child is my dog, Harley. She is a pit bull mix who loves when mommy comes home from work and she then joyfully greets me at the door. I have been married for 17 years to a wonderful man who is retired from the US Navy.

Erin Dinkle 

My name is Erin Dinkle, not to be confused with Erin in bookkeeping. I am the Customer Service and Marketing Representative. When I’m not answering the phones, I am updating our social media accounts and setting up all the free batting giveaways. I really enjoy reading all the responses we receive for the giveaways. Quilters Dream Batting truly has the best customers!

While in the office I’m typically singing any random song that pops up in my head. Jennifer and I sing backup for each other. I also have a lot of fun playing photographer and taking pictures of giveaways and prizes for the Hopes and Dreams Quilt Challenge for ALS. One of my jobs is to organize the sponsors and the prizes that get sent in for Hopes and Dreams.

I love to sew! I just finished my first quilt for my son, Atlas, but I really love to sew for my other hobby, LARP. LARP stands for Live Action Roll Play; my husband and I wear medieval clothing and fight with foam weapons with other players. I have a lot of fun sewing all our costumes and shooting people with my cross bow!  

Jennifer Jones

Hey, this is Jennifer, and I am doing the invoicing and charging credit cards at Quilters Dream.  When I’m not taking your money, I am a Girl Scout leader who is all about the FUN.  I like to keep myself busy with different things like reading, playing Bunco, and hanging out with my great family.  Also napping. 

I enjoy working here because I get to talk to customers from all over the country and I love to hear all the different accents.  Fortunately, my co-workers are all fellow coffee addicts, and between working, brewing coffee, and making coffee runs, I can be found telling corny jokes or singing.  You can never tell when the office team will break out in song - frequently it is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!  So don’t be surprised if you hear karaoke in the background when you call to place an order.

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