Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Featured Battgirl // Tommie Jean


"This quilt top was appliqued some thirty years ago while I was living on Maui in Hawaii. I had become mesmerized by the Hawaiian quilting and it's traditional quilters. There was something ethereal about it. 

Unfortunately my stay in Hawaii was not to be permanent and I returned stateside and life went on. Now at 94, having to think about what will be done with my beloved "stuff" on my passing, I can't bear the thought of this quilt top staying in a bottom drawer, or worse, for another 30 years! I am taking action to have the top, batting and backing basted to make ready for my attempted quilting. It will be on its way and to my Granddaughter in whatever stage it may reach and my long ago effort will not be for naught. 

Having researched quilt batting to ensure manageable weight, ease of quilting, care and most importantly "loft" I have decided on Quilters Dream Wool for my quilting. It will maintain loft and set off my Hawaiian Echo Quilting."

Again my many thanks to you and Quilters Dream Batting. I would like to tell you of my progress. Hopefully I can get a good amount done before my time Is up. It has truly been a joy to have met you and told my story!

Stay safe and stay well,

Tommie Jean Roosmann


  1. Such a beautiful quilt top, waiting patiently for it's time to shine. I'm sure your granddaughter will live it when it comes to her.

  2. A spectacular quilt top. Surely it will become a treasure for your granddaughter, lucky girl.

  3. Too beautiful to leave this quilt unfinished. I honestly think you've made an excellent choice for batting. I've made many king size, queen size and lap size Hawaiian quilts, all with Dream Cotton or Dream Wool and all have held up well. Even the one on my own bed has been used for 30+ years (Hawaiian Breadfruit) and it has endured many washings and still looks great. But I'll confess a blue & white one is on my list to make one day. I love yours and I'm sure your granddaughter will treasure yours, as well as generations to come.

  4. my grandmothers hand, my most treasured possessions. Crochet, clothing, quilts, I hope my family feels the same, knowing I made and thought, and spent time for them. I have time but not money and that is more precious. Your time is very precious and will be treasured. God bless you