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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Featured #battgirls (April2014) - Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio

 We are very excited about our new blog series! We've been emailed fun and creative submissions from you #battgirls and can't wait to see what you other busy bees have been up! To get yourself caught up on all the excitement, check out our previous post.  But hurry back because we want you to meet our first featured #battgirls!


Right: Becky Everett (the Moochie)
Left: Becky's daughter (Doodle)

Meet Becky Everett, the CEO of  Doodlemoochie Quilt & Design Studio! We have had the pleasuring of knowing Becky for some quite some time. She has been a dedicated Quilters Dream customer for years and LOVES quilting on her Gammill. It was through her Instagram account- @doodlemoochie, where we really got to see her talent. We are always SO eager to see her new masterpiece when we get notifications on our phones that Becky has tagged us- @quiltersdream in her photos!! Take a look for yourself... :)

This cheerful bright gem on the left won the "Professionally Quilted" category on the Quilt Bloggers Quilt Festival last Spring. In her blog, Becky refers to this quilt as a "30's quilt with a Modern twist."

*For more on this quilt- visit her blog post.

Or how about this fun wall hanging she quilted up? Her unique color choice and detailed definition truly shows off her creativity and talent!! She used the free Star Bright Quilt Pattern from Swim Bike Quilt.

*Check out her Star Bright blog post

So are you ready to hear the secret of how Becky achieves the look on her quilts like this stunning eye-catcher?? Start by snagging the Kiara Chevron Pattern  on Craftsy and head to your local quilt shop for some Quilters Dream Batting!

*See the process in creating this pattern.

Becky's Technique: 

Use a double layer of batting. Pick a batting that is thinner, like Dream Cotton or Dream Blend. Then pair that with one that has some loft, like the Dream Puff or Dream Wool. When doing this technique, your quilt will have a nice added weight to it as well as giving it that 3 dimensional pop to your stitching! 

Check out more from Doodlemoochie:

Instagram: @doodlemoochie


Well, there you have it #battgirls! Spreading the love, creativity and inspiration! Want to try the technique like Doodlemoochie? Call us for free samples and we'll help you get the ball rolling! So get your cameras ready and send in your projects. The search for future #battgirls shall continue. 

Looking forward to your submissions :)
~The Original 

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  1. Beautiful quilts and amazing quilting!
    Thanks for sharing your double batting technique.

    1. You're welcome!! We are glad you enjoyed the blog. Have fun giving the double technique a go ;)

  2. Looks like a couple of talented longarm quilters there. The quilting is beautiful!

  3. What fun! I will have to remember this next time I have something really special .
    Love, love, QD batting!

    1. Thanks Roslyn! We would LOVE to see your projects! :)